Shane Ringin


Shane is former Victoria Police Detective, National Crime Authority Investigator and Senior Manager in the Major Fraud Squad, with over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement, risk management, whistleblower management and corporate investigations. Shane is a highly skilled investigator of fraud, misconduct and financial crime.

Shane’s experience as a private investigator includes:

  • investigating many incidences of complex fraud and misconduct, including a $17 million fraud against a multi-national insurance company committed by an employee and external third party – the successful investigation and civil proceeding resulted in the quick recovery of the majority of stolen funds and ultimately, after a criminal prosecution, sentences of imprisonment for the offenders;
  • conducting investigations in every State & Territory in Australia,
  • identification and seizure of counterfeit product on behalf of international apparel company,
  • managing and investigating employee misconduct allegations identified through whistleblower reports,
  • undertaking financial crime & corruption risk assessments for organisations operating in high risk jurisdictions,
  • utilisation of internal auditors, audit & risk committees, data analysts and forensic technology specialists to achieve successful outcomes for clients, and
  • provision of affidavit evidence to support civil proceedings and injunctive relief for clients.

Shane is a Certified Fraud Investigator, and has lectured in fraud and deception at the Victoria Police Detective Training School and Economic Crime Course, as well as conducting numerous corporate fraud training seminars throughout Asia, Middle East, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Shane is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and the Australasian Institute of Risk Management and a licensed investigator.

Shane has a Master of Business Administration (Latrobe), BA (Criminal Justice Administration), Adv Cert (Accounting), Dip. Commercial Crime Control & Terrorism (Exeter UK), and a Certificate in Fraud Investigation (Latrobe).  He is a Churchill Fellow, having completed a study tour of Asia, Europe, UK and the USA on Identity Theft, and is a British Chevening Fellow, having studied Commercial Crime Control and Terrorism at Cambridge & Exeter University’s.

Fraud Investigations

We understand the keys to successful management and performance of domestic and cross-border investigations. We have our own internal capability to perform general investigation services. In those cases where we require external consultants to provide more specialised investigation services we have established the necessary close relationships and alliances with specialist fraud investigation and other third party service providers, to manage the project and ensure the job is done cost efficiently and with a clear end game in mind.

General Investigation services:

Specialised Investigation services:

  • IT Forensics, data preservation, Court data acquisition, mobile device extraction & analysis, analysis, systems compromise investigations.
  • Fact finding
  • Surveillance
  • Interviews
  • Foreign bribery
  • Finding people (domestic & international)
  • Asset Tracing (domestic)
  • Identifying assets of potential suspects
  • Evidence gathering

  • Forensic accounting – quantification if loss
  • Hand writing analysis
  • Document analysis
  • Cryptocurrency money laundering
  • Asset Tracing (international)