Andrew Tragardh :

“I’m Andrew Tragardh, the Founder of Duxton Hill. Duxton Hill is the only highly specialised team of lawyers and investigators in Australia solely dedicated to pursuing or defending fraud, misconduct and financial crime claims. Unlike other law firms, Duxton Hill provides a complete, in-house suite of services; with specialist lawyers, investigators, forensic accountants, and IT specialists whose sole purpose is representing companies, organisations and individuals affected by fraud, misconduct, and financial crime. It is our sole area of speciality, for that reason we are unique. Such cases demand expertise, specialisation and discretion. The stakes are invariably high. If you, your business, or your organisation has been defrauded, Duxton Hill can help from start to finish. Duxton Hill is your single point of contact; we undertake the investigation, and identify the best strategies to provide maximum recovery of your losses. If necessary, we take the case to court, freeze the assets of the perpetrators, and can represent you all the way to secure positive outcomes. It’s important to seek our advice early before the police are involved. Civil action is your best option for obtaining remedies such as restitution and compensation from the wrongdoers.

If, on the other hand, you, your business or organisation are accused of wrongdoing in a professional capacity, Duxton Hill can also help as your single point of contact. We review the evidence, and assess the prospect of successfully defending the allegations, so you have a clear understanding of the likely outcome. We protect your legal rights by navigating you through the process of interviews and production of documents, or responding to demands by opposing parties in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, whilst also protecting your financial and reputational interests. We represent you in courts, tribunals, and commissions of enquiry. Duxton Hill was founded to give people, businesses and organisations an expert team they can rely on, to deliver Clear, Decisive Outcomes.