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Fraud, Misconduct and Financial crime are complex matters involving all areas of commercial and public life, and cover many overlapping areas of law. What qualifies as fraud or misconduct differs, depending on the nature of the claim. No single definition is applicable. The complexity is further enlarged because of technological advances providing new and difficult problems of investigation and legal issues coming before the courts. Specialist fraud investigators are vital. Understanding the variety of claims or defences potentially available and most importantly, choosing which claims or defences should be pursued or abandoned demands highly specialised fraud lawyers.

Individuals and/or organisations involved are often understandably confused, anxious and overwhelmed. Their worries about an uncertain future may revolve around costs, reputational loss, the fear of losing life savings or other assets, and in some cases loss of liberty. On top of this the overarching shadow and unpredictability of law enforcement and other government agencies remains omnipresent.

Invariably individuals or corporations turn to law firms who provide services in various facets of law but do not have specialist fraud lawyers or access to specialist fraud investigators. They therefore lack valuable insight and expertise and the downstream ramifications of such cases. Regrettably the outcome will be predictable: lack of cohesion and communication between lawyers and other professionals tasked to investigate or analyse evidence, substantial and unnecessary costs, frustration, time delays and poor outcomes.

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The value we bring

Duxton Hill’s fraud lawyers and fraud investigators, deliver an efficient and highly experienced integrated executive team single-mindedly dedicated to pursuing and defending fraud, misconduct and financial crime cases.

Uniquely equipped and experienced in fraud law and investigation, Duxton Hill’s fraud lawyers and fraud investigators safely guide our clients to achieve more predictable, manageable and positive outcomes. Our clients benefit from peace of mind, clarity and cost certainty. 

Duxton Hill:

  • Has unparalleled experience in fraud, misconduct and financial crime cases
  • Has passionate, intelligent and energetic specialists solely focused on fraud, misconduct and financial crime cases
  • Has secure premises and IT management
  • Provides a global reach and network of internationally specialised professionals to serve our clients’ needs irrespective of jurisdiction;
  • Has efficient and effective working relationships and networks with the whole suite of specialist external disciplines that may be called upon to serve clients’ needs at a moment’s notice
  • Have agreed pricing, giving you value not a price based on time
  • Delivers transparency, acute discipline and understanding of the management of budgetary constraints
  • Have our own advocates able to represent you in Courts or Tribunals thereby avoiding duplication of costs and ‘information drain’ often experienced when engaging external barristers
  • Understand the policies, procedures and standard operations of police and law enforcement and other government agencies including ASIC, ACCC, ATO, Anti-Corruption bodies etc


We exist to assist those affected by fraud and misconduct to achieve positive outcomes. Our mission is to be and remain the very best in our highly specialised field of endeavour.

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