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Clear. Decisive. Outcomes.

We are the only highly specialised team of lawyers and investigators in Australia and the Asia Pacific region totally dedicated to pursuing or defending fraud, misconduct or financial crime cases.

With decades of experience, we are trusted for our proven expertise.

Our sphere of influence covers a broad range of corporate fraud, professional misconduct and financial crime. By leaving no stone unturned we consistently deliver positive outcomes for our clients, irrespective of their size, or complexity of the brief

We provide a full suite of services – from taking initial instructions, investigation, strategic advice, preparing documents and appearing as your advocate in Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions of Inquiry.

We also assist our clients to report fraud to Police, or other government agencies, and make claims on insurance companies.

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Tracing – The Fraudster’s Enemy

Tracing – The Fraudster’s Enemy

Any good fraudster knows they must ensure the proceeds of their deception are not easily identified. An ill-informed investigator typically gives-up after asset searches on the wrongdoer produces a negative result. A good fraud investigator, however, will know the...

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Message From The Founder

Message From The Founder

Andrew Tragardh : “I’m Andrew Tragardh, the Founder of Duxton Hill. Duxton Hill is the only highly specialised team of lawyers and investigators in Australia solely dedicated to pursuing or defending fraud, misconduct and financial crime claims. Unlike other law...

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The Duxton Hill icon of four pillars intersecting to create a diamond represents the four disciplines often needed to pursue or defend fraud, misconduct or financial crime cases: legal, accounting, investigation and IT. The diamond represents the positive outcome which is our focus.

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