Today is the first day of the national Scams Awareness Week.

According to the ACCC, Australians have already lost over $236 million to scams this year. Scams Awareness Week aims to encourage open and honest conversations about scams to increase public awareness regarding their prevalence. The more aware we all are of the threats posed by scams, the easier they are to detect and prevent from occurring in the first place.

Scammers have become more cunning and sophisticated with advances in technology allowing impersonations from any place in the world. We see firsthand the serious effects of the wide variety of scams occurring daily. Scams can affect anyone and we have had great success in recovering funds for clients who have been victims of online scams.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of fraud lawyers and fraud investigators experienced in using the civil justice system to recover stolen funds for victims of online scams. By following the money trail, we can identify the recipient of the funds and secure positive outcomes for our clients.