Tam McLaughlin

Special Counsel

With over 15 years experience across legal and investigative roles, Tam is an experienced legal professional with exceptional advisory, investigative and advocacy skills.

He has a proven track record of running complex, high impact matters, having steered high profile public anti-corruption hearings, prosecuted multi-million-dollar civil litigation proceedings, and conducted complex multi-jurisdictional investigations into money laundering and foreign bribery.

Most recently, Tam was Principal Lawyer at Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, managing a complex caseload providing high level advice to the Commissioner, Executive and IBAC’s multidisciplinary operational teams. Tam regularly acted as counsel assisting the Commission in public and private coercive hearings, as well as advising on the use of specialist investigative powers and the conduct of prosecutions.

Prior to this, Tam spent nearly a decade at the Australian Federal Police as both a lawyer and financial investigator, having been recruited into the AFP to bolster the agency’s investigative capacity with regard to money laundering and financial crime investigations.

Admitted to practice in 2013, Tam worked as a Litigation Lawyer with the AFP’s Criminal Assets Litigation team, identifying, seizing and confiscating assets derived from criminal activity, often involving complicated structures utilising shell companies, trusts and offshore accounts. In this regard, Tam regularly appeared in the County Court and Supreme Court of Victoria, employing various search and seizure orders to locate and confiscate assets.

 While in his investigative role at the AFP, Tam led the financial investigation of Australia’s first successful foreign bribery prosecution, as well as spearheading the money laundering aspects of an AFP investigation into an international organised crime group across multiple domestic and international jurisdictions.